Lawn mowing & trimming

Your lawn is your pride. When you have guests or family over, they will notice if it has not been cut or if the grass is brown. If it has been well-cared-for, your neighbors will also see your lawn and how nicely cut and how even it is. They will look at you in a different way, with more respect.

Benefits of mowing your lawn:

  • Your grass stays healthier
  • Provides fewer places for rodents and other animals to hide in your yard
  • Clippings that are left behind will fertilize your lawn
  • Gives your yard a richer soil
  • Shorter grass pulls nutrients from the ground more easily
  • Your grass will survive hot summers
  • It will be easier to prevent weeds from growing


Trimmed and pruned hedges, bushes, and even small trees can be eye candy for people. When your neighbors walk down the sidewalk and see your well-kept and trimmed plants they will look in amazement at how nice your yard looks.

Benefits of trimming and pruning.

  • Your bushes are neat and orderly
  • Dead branches are removed
  • Diseased branches and leaves are removed
  • More natural barrier than a fence
  • Keeps the plants growing healthy
  • Greater flower growth on bushes
  • Helps remove insect infestations


Routine maintenance and upkeep of your yard will prove to be a tremendous help to the environment and will vastly increase the overall appeal of your property. At family Window Cleaning we are dedicated to helping you make your yard look the way you want.